Don't sweat your clothes


If your clothes are prone to noticeable wet spots, it's time to sweatproof your wardrobe. The materials you wear and how they fit your body can help you avoid looking like a human sauna. Follow our Dos and Don’ts to learn how.


Wear looser garments. The extra room will give your skin a chance to breathe, rather than suffocating and sweating under clingy clothes.

Look for clothing basics marked "breathable," "wicking" or  “sweat-resistant.” They’ll fend off wet spots and double as a solid-base layer in the winter.

In the summer try natural fibers like cotton and linen as they will allow your skin to breathe.  On hot days, the less tight and lighter your outfit, the better.

Consider anti-sweat accessories like underarm shields. These clothing liners stick to the skin to create a physical barrier that protects your clothes from those dreaded wet marks. They’re a little weird, but they get the job done.


Avoid synthetic materials that are not noted as "breathable" or "wicking" as they don't breathe or allow for proper air circulation. This can quickly lead to excessive perspiration.

Did you know the majority of your sweat glands are located in your feet? Avoid that stepped-into-a-puddle-feeling by choosing the right footwear.

Instead of synthetic or man-made materials, go for leather, and invest in special insoles that will absorb excess sweat. Make sure you always have a couple of pairs of shoes in your wardrobe rotation and don't forget to change your socks!