Tap into your inner zen master


Stress is mental, but it's surprisingly physical too. In fact, there are things you can do physically to relieve stress. And no, downward dog isn't your only option. Check out these stress-busting techniques for your face, nose, muscles, and heart:


We hold a lot of our stress above the neck, and simply contracting and relaxing your facial muscles helps relieve the strain. So make a crazy face, hold it tight for 15 seconds, release, then do it again. Try not to do this in public because people will stare at you. Actually, that could be fun.

inner zen
inner zen nose


Your sense of smell may not seem like a great stress reliever. But with over 40 million sensory receptors in the nose, designed to carry information directly to the brain, different scents can have a huge impact on your physiological and emotional state. Calming or invigorating scents can have an impact on your well-being, as proven by a noticeably lower heart rate.


One good reason to take a hot shower in the morning (besides basic hygeine of course) is that the water temperature and pressure can relieve muscle tension. It can also improve orienting reflex (your ability to respond immediately to different stimuli). Shower with a relaxing shower gel to leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed, and leave you ready to face the day. Try NIVEA MEN 3-in-1 RELAX Body Wash.

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Heart rate and blood pressure are great indicators of your stress level—almost as accurate as you not using your indoor voice. Hot water comes in handy here too. It increases your heart rate while lowering your blood pressure, mimicking the benefits of exercise without the cardiovascular stress.