sweat spots


With two to four million sweat glands on the body of the average person, it's no surprise that your body is designed to sweat. A lot. And while sweating can be unpleasant, we’d get heatstroke without it. Whenever our body temperature rises above our natural 98.6, sweat evaporating off the skin helps cool us down.

Hot weather and intense exercise are the most obvious ways to turn up your body temperature. But there are a lot of basic bodily functions that make you sweat too (even if it isn't as noticeable). Everything produces heat, from your stomach dealing with the aftermath of Taco Tuesday to the whirring of your brain when it's figuring out how to win the March Madness pool. Here are the four key sweat spots to watch out for.


A light sheen on the forehead during exercise or when the weather gets hot, is a perfectly normal bodily response to a raised body temperature. But as those with a nervous disposition will know, stressful or emotional situations can cause sweat to accumulate on your brow too.

sweat spots brow
sweat spots armpit


There’s no escaping underarm sweat, no matter how sweat-free you might be. Your pits are home to a high concentration of apocrine glands and, while sweat and odor can be controlled with a good anti-perspirant/deodorant combo, some guys suffer from excessive sweating, technically referred to as axillary hyperhidrosis.


Sweaty palms are awkward. They make it hard to do something as simple as shake hands with someone or open a lid put on too tightly. Recent research shows that the syndrome may be genetic, but for most people it's usually triggered. A stressful situation or an anxious mood can result in sweaty mitts, and fear of sweating only makes it worse. So keep it cool. Think of things that make you feel confident, like that time you assembled a sofa without the instructions.

sweat spots palm
sweat spots feet


There are more sweat glands on your feet than anywhere else on the human body. That's why they sometimes smell worse than the fridge at your office.  Ill-fitting or synthetic material footwear that doesn’t allow feet to ‘breathe’ are common causes of sweaty feet. And since insoles absorb sweat, alternate your shoes so they have a chance to dry out.