The young and the restless


Whether you're working too late or partying too hard, it will catch up with you eventually. And fatigue isn’t just about feeling tired—it shows on your face, too. We’ll pinpoint the most common signs of too many late nights and explain why using a revitalizing face care routine can help fight that tired fatigued look.

facemap fighting dry


Skin takes a serious beating in the winter months. Icy winds rip into the skin’s lipid barrier and sucks out all the essential moisture. After just a couple of days, your face can look exhausted, complete with flaky patches of dry skin. Replacing lost moisture is vital when it comes to making skin good-looking and healthy-feeling, so invest in a revitalizing daily moisturizer to help hydrate (restore moisture) to the skin.


Fatigue causes the thin skin around your eyes to pale, revealing dark blood vessels and giving the appearance of dark circles. You can try to minimize the darkness with under-eye creams. But remember, nothing gets rid of dark circles better than a good night’s sleep every night of the week.

facemap fighting dark circles
facemap fighting  puff eyes


Puffy eyes can be a sure sign of sleep deprivation. They occur because increased blood pressure forces fluid into the eye area, causing it to swell. Alcohol and salty foods can make the condition worse because they’re “bloating agents.” A decent night's sleep will usually clear it up, but an eye product can help the area look less puffy and perk you up in an instant.


Dull skin is common in guys who deal with stress by smoking or who spend a lot of time in air-conditioned offices staring at their computer screen. (Also, zombies.) This dull-looking skin is the accumulation of dead skin cells that causes skin to lose its healthy hue. Luckily, this condition can be easily fixed with exfoliation or daily cleansing.

facemap fighting dull